lista de 100 blogs Amantes de los Idiomas 2016

1. Learn Dutch with Bart de Pau
Videos to learn Dutch with the focus on vocabulary, proverbs and false friends.
2. Língua Portuguesa
Facebook page devoted to spreading the Portuguese language.
3. LightSpeed Spanish
This English/Spanish couple provides 10-minute video lessons for Spanish learners, ranging from absolute beginners to advanced speakers
4. Circa Lingua
Blog about linguistic strategies for business development. It’s focused on how to use languages in marketing and business to increase sales and develop internationalization strategies.
5. Learn-German-Easily
Learn German in a fun way. I have German lessons, German jokes, short stories and I will teach you to speak German fluently with my audio lessons.
6. Talk in French
Learn French with Frédéric’s articles and videos
7. Terminologia etc.
The blogger is an Italian terminologist and localization specialist. Terminologia etc. is her personal blog on terminology, translation, localization and anything language-related that attracts her attention.
8. German should be fun
I tweet in English and the German translation just 5 minutes later. Verstehst du meine deutschen Tweets?
9. Keep Smiling Blog
Keep Smiling English has the sole purpose of contributing to the world of English Language Teaching.
10. Russificate
Russificate is one of the leading Facebook pages for Russian learners of all levels. Exercises, quizzes, tests, songs and other interesting materials are posted daily. The author of the page is a professional Russian language teacher.
11. German with Jenny
Jenny produces entertaining videos for German learners in which she teaches phrases and expressions, German slang as well as new vocabulary and grammar. Her videos cover all levels from A1 to C2. In many videos, viewers get the chance to practice their listening comprehension as well.
12. Circa Lingua
Founder of Circa Lingua. French – English – Spanish Sworn Translator & Interpreter. Law, economy, business & marketing. Entrepreneur. Copywriter. Blogger.
13. Universe Of Memory
The website is focused on showing different methods to learn language faster as well as on the overall memory improvement.
14. Tomedes
The special translators’ zone of Tomedes – We share everything translators, freelancers and languages experts want to know.
15. Quero Aprender Alemão
Facebook page for Portuguese speakers who want to learn German.
16. Learn Italian with Lucrezia
Learn Italian with subtitles.
17. En Italiano
This blog is a good resource to help the Spanish speaking community to learn Italian. The site offers many learning tips and materials for free.
18. Impariamo l’italiano
Useful posts to learn Italian.
19. Easy Languages
International video project to learn languages through authentic street interviews.
20. Buurtaal
“Buurtaal” is a blog for Germans with an interest in Dutch language, Dutch culture and vice versa.
21. German With Jenny
Blog of Jenny: she produces entertaining videos for German learners in which she teaches phrases and expressions, German slang as well as new vocabulary and grammar. Videos cover all levels from A1-C2. In many videos, viewers get the chance to practice their listening comprehension as well. The videos are complemented by exercises, worksheets and flash cards which are published on Jenny’s blog.
22. Studia-Parla-Ama
Do you love the Italian language and culture? This is the page for you!
23. Quero Aprender Alemão
If you are Brazilian, Portuguese or learn German through English, you will find this blog useful with its different answers to the questions and difficulties typical of Portuguese students.
24. Closer wor(l)ds by Inbox Translation
Inbox Translation’s professional blog about languages and the industry.
25. In My Own Terms
A blog created for people who would like to know about terminology and don´t know where to start and where to find resources. Whether you are just curious or want to become an expert, this page will give you an idea of what you’re getting into.
26. Inbox Translation
Language geeks, IT nerds, chocolate lovers, football fans – this is our friendly team.
27. Roba da Traduttori
Translators’ everyday drama, pictured in a fun, self-ironic way: posts, pictures and fun memes that every translator can relate to.
28. gettinenglish
This is a versatile website for English lovers. You can find out a lot about grammar and language aspects that are problematic for Polish speakers. You can also read great articles, listen to recordings or learn vocabulary on different topics.
29. Terminology coordination
TermCoord is the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament. Its objective is to coordinate the terminology work in the translation units and to represent the European Parliament in the interinstitutional management of the EU terminology database IATE.
30. Language on the Move
Language on the Move is a peer-reviewed sociolinguistics research site devoted to multilingualism, language learning and intercultural communication in the contexts of globalization and migration. Language on the Move aims to disseminate sociolinguistic research to a broad global audience.
31. Speak English With Misterduncan
Teaching English to the world for free since 2006.
32. 20.000 lenguas
Facebook page of translation and interpreting for students and professionals.
33. 5-Minute language
Articles written in English about language learning, tips and tricks.
34. Multilingua Blog
In Multilingua blog I talk about the history of languages, vocabulary, ways to make the learning process fun and entertaining and the traditions of the countries where ‘my’ languages are spoken.
35. 20.000 lenguas
A bilingual blog of translation and interpreting for students and professionals.
36. Trágora Formación
Translation-related hangouts on air every 2 weeks!
37. Gettin’ English
Tips and proven methods to learn English more effectively.
38. Linguisticator
Linguisticator is designed for those who don’t just want to get started learning a language, but who want to attain fluency — and do so in as fast and efficient manner as possible. Linguisticator takes a systematic approach to language learning and puts you in control of your own learning by giving you special training in linguistics and language learning.
39. Språkrådet
The Swedish Language Council answers questions about the Swedish language via Twitter.
40. Languages Around the Globe
Languages Around the Globe is a community dedicated to promoting cultural exchange via languages. They are devoted to helping make language learning easier and less costly by raising awareness of products, methods and programs that are either cost effective or free.
41. Scritture brevi
Twitter account that observes, describes and collects any type of “short text”: abbreviations, acronyms, signs, icons, symbols, hashtags, text messages, aphorisms, puns etc. Mainly in Italian, but with contributions also in English.
42. A Woman Learning Thai
Expat making her way through Thai language and culture. She shares tips and techniques, local quirks and insights from Thailand. Anything language, culture, or travel related.
43. Smarter German
Videos and posts focused on German learning. They teach German grammar in understandable English and provide great songs for this purpose. One fascinating project was that they taught a guy German from scratch to level B1 in 14 days.
44. Las 1001 traducciones
Facebook page about literary and audiovisual translation.
45. The Mezzofanti Guild
The Mezzofanti Guild is offering some unique foreign language learning tips, travel advice, anecdotes, encouragement and more.
46. Mute The Mike
Articles written in Spanish about working as a translator.
47. Bibliotekarska terminologija
Questions on terminology, library and information science terminology in particular, are discussed, influence of foreign languages (English) on technical languages, monolingual and multilingual dictionaries, individual terms.
48. En la Luna de Babel
A blog for all those interested in languages, especially English and Spanish. We have talked about euphemisms, strong language, how to translate cultural references and even romantic novels. It is updated regularly and caters for all tastes!
49. Languages Around the Globe
LATG is a website and community dedicated to exploring language from a cultural and linguistic standpoint. It also deals with language learning and fostering the language enthusiast base.
50. Rum för språk
Tips and tricks and more to help with translation difficulties and language challenges in everyday life.
51. Włoskie Love
Blogger who writes practically about language and beautifully about Italian culture.
52. Scritture Brevi
Scritture Brevi observes, describes and collects any type of “short text”: abbreviations, acronyms, signs, icons, symbols, hashtags, text messages, aphorisms, puns etc. Mainly in Italian, but with contributions also in English.
53. Talk In Arabic
A blog for Arabic learners about Arabic dialects.
54. Aprende español callejeando por Madrid
A blog to learn Spanish while walking around Madrid.
55. Deutsch für Euch
Deutsch für Euch is aimed at people wishing for an alternative to school books and dictionaries to learn German. Its targeted audience are native English speakers, but of course anyone is free and encouraged to give it a go – if you speak English, you’re good to go.
56. Scheherezade Surià
Twitter account about literary and audiovisual translation.
57. L’anglès a l’Escola Splai
“L’anglès a l’Escola Splai” is an English Blog of a Primary School in Barcelona (Spain). It displays a lot of online activities and oral productions of the students (role plays, how to play board games, chants, songs…). Students participate with more than 32,400 comments and 480,000 visits.
58. Wondrous Thai
A Facebook page dedicated totally to helping learners of the Thai Language providing a variety of single topic “lessons” several times every week. Learners are welcome to ask advice either in comments or by messaging. The posts are shared across the Facebook group “Farang Can Learn Thai” where they are very popular and attract questions and comments from learners. These are dealt with by the owner of Wondrous Thai – Ratanaporn Bright.
59. Cath Cellier-Smart
French to English translator, Brit-born expat, scuba diver, reader, tea drinker. Tweets interesting links to articles about the English language.
60. Smarter German
Smart and witty posts and shares on YouTube which are motivating and thought provoking. One fascinating project was that they taught a guy German from scratch to level B1 in 14 days.
61. Núria de Andrés
One of the best places on Twitter to find resources for translators.
62. Traduint des de Calella
This blog is from a Catalan translator living in Barcelona. Anna talks about translation and also about interesting things about languages. The language used in this blog is Catalan. She thinks that it is also important to have a blog like hers in this language, so it can normalize inside the translation blogging world.
63. Imparare l’Italiano – One World Italiano
Learning Italian with fun! Practicing without getting bored.
64. Rawlangs
Useful page about learning and teaching German, Greek and Russian.
65. Français pour tous
The perfect Facebook page to practice your French.
66. Learn Thai with พร
Learning Thai with Wannapon.
67. Português
Page about the Portuguese language.
68. Learn German with Herr Antrim
Herr Antrim is one of the only certified German language teachers on YouTube. He tells German stories, sings German songs, and does reviews of German language learning resources in addition to his German language learning tips and weekly grammar lessons.
69. Madou en France
Blog for Polish speakers about French idioms and other interesting expressions!
70. Il blog di Silvia Spatafora – Lingua italiana e curiosità
Blog about the Italian language by a teacher living in Spain.
71. Lynne Murphy
An American linguist in England. This is the Twitter presence of ‘Separated by a Common Language’ blog.
72. engVid
Over 1000 free English lesson videos. 200 new videos published every year.
73. Spanish Plans
A Spanish teacher who is self-publishing Spanish lesson plans and units, worksheets, resources, activities and more.
74. Kruu Wee Teach Thai
YouTube Channel aiming at making Thai language easy and fun!
75. Språktidningens blogg
A blog run by the Swedish language magazine Språktidningen. Reports on language-related news.
76. El Blog para Aprender Español
Blog about Spanish as a foreign language.
77. Parolacce
The only Italian scientific blog on profanity, since 2006
78. Smarter German
Smart and witty posts and shares on Twitter which are motivating and thought provoking. One fascinating project was that they taught a guy German from scratch to level B1 in 14 days.
79. Eugenia Arrés
Devoted to languages learning and development, translation, localization, subtitling and professional issues.
80. Fluent in 3 months
Language learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot, who speaks 7 languages, and his story as he travels the world to learn new ones!
81. Smarter German
Smart and witty posts and shares on Facebook which are motivating and thought provoking. One fascinating project was that they taught a guy German from scratch to level B1 in 14 days.
82. Aventuras de una traductora-intérprete en Madrid
This is a blog, written in Spanish, about translation and interpretation in Madrid. Includes entries about training, conferences as well as some interviews and anecdotes about the everyday life of a working interpreter.
83. Free English materials
Do you want to learn English? Here you’ll find maps and other resources which will help you understand some difficult topics.
84. My Polyglot
“My Polyglot” (podcast and TV) is supposed to be really “polyglot”. The interviews will be in the target language and not necessarily in English. This should be good to everyone, it’s like “news in slow language” but full of tips, tricks and pieces of advice.
85. SprachenNetz
Information, news and links about online language learning.
86. Talk REAL
Tweets on Language Learning (German & English). Take advantage of free trials, downloads & many tips!
87. hummingbird els
Blog for teachers of English as a foreign language.
88. Fiesta Siesta
Songs, exercises and interesting tips to learn Spanish.
89. Erik Hansson
German-Swedish translator. Translation agency specialized in technical documents for business and industry.
90. Eurolinguiste
A blog written by Shannon Kennedy, a language lover, traveler and musician sharing her adventures and language learning tips at Eurolinguiste.
91. Hiszpański Na Luzie
Blog about learning and enjoying learning Spanish.
92. Talk to me in Korean
Site on original and fun articles to learn Korean.
93. Learn English with Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons
A convenient way to learn English that combines audio and video lessons.
94. LifeinLINCS
The official blog of the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Heriot-Watt University, with contributions from staff and PhD students. Covers all areas of translation, interpreting and culture.
95. Strong Language
A sweary blog about swearing, written by a group of linguists, lexicographers, editors, and other language mavens.
96. Terminologia etc.
Tweets about terminology, translation, localization and anything language-related written by an Italian terminologist and localization specialist.
97. Actual Fluency
Provides weekly high quality posts surrounding own journey as a new foreign language leaner. Openly shares victories and defeats and produces a weekly podcast every Friday that interviews other language learners for inspiration and motivation.
98. Deutsche Welle Learn German
Facebook page providing useful tips to learn German.
99. Sero Communications
Tweets about a variety of language and communication topics including translation, interpreting, localization, linguistics, terminology, lexicology, social media and marketing. They also tweet quotes, quizzes, news articles, blog posts and more on those topics.
100. Expat gone foreign

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